Twelve Rooms With a View

Twelve Rooms With a View - Theresa Rebeck Wow! I really enjoyed this book. The first couple chapters were able to really hook me in. There are some spoilers that follow, so stop reading now if you haven't read the book yet.

I quite enjoyed Tina and I felt like she deserved better than her sisters being complete b***hes to her all the time. The whole book I kept thinking that I would be beyond furious if my mother died and my sisters kept things about her life and passing from me. Honestly I felt like 'The Building' and all that it could do was a little far fetched, but otherwise the who plot to kick both families out was exciting. I loved the little quirks that the building has and LOVED the workmans stairwell in the building. Very cool. From the very first time we meet Pete I like him. I didn't see them getting together at all but I think it really works. I'm kinda upset about the ending. I feel like it was too rushed. Although the book was more about the apartment, not the families.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I am planning on reading Theresa Rebeck's other works.