Killer  - Sara Shepard Based on just the title of the book I figured that the majority of the book was going to be about Emily. The nickname that her old friends used to call her 'Killer' was because of her protectiveness and loyalty to Ali.

The first chapter starts right where Wicked has left off, with the girls in the woods behind Spencer's house taking Wilden to see Ian's body. Which they had just found. Of course, in typical Rosewood fashion the 'body' is missing when they get back to the spot and Wilden doesn't believe them. I just don't understand why, when everything is going against them, two of them didn't stay to guard the body. As much as I really do like [a:Sara Shepard|93970|Sara Shepard|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1229580414p2/93970.jpg]'s work I'm starting to see a pattern that is making it really easy to predict some of the twists.

'A' has a way of playing each girl to make them think that one thing has happened, and then drops a bomb that makes everyone else think less of them.

The Spencer plot line of the book is a little dramatic, and is almost equally fuelled by Melissa as it is by 'A'. Although I do have to admit it really does seem like she was adopted at one point, I'm a little confused by the fact that Spencer looks like Olivia. Or possibly she is just saying that because she is so convinced that she is adopted. I think it is a little crazy that she just up and left for New York for the day to see her supposed bio-mom, but I guess that when Melissa points out that Spencer isn't one of Nana Hastings natural-born grandchildren, hinting that Spencer was adopted can make someone believe it a little bit more. In the end we find out that it was a scam and all of Spencer's collage money is gone. Can't say I feel too sorry for her as it kind of was a pretty dumb move. On a different note, I love Spencer and Andrew together. She seems much more herself with him and what we've seen of his character has been extremely caring.

Hanna drives me nuts. If I ever knew a girl as fake and annoying as her in real life I would honestly punch her out. I mean, I remember high school and how crazy people could get, and I remember that there were some girls who acted like your looks were the most important think in the world, but honestly sabotaging a seemingly good friendship with her soon-to-be-step-sister over a younger guy is crazy! On the other hand I do so how she feels like Kate is just trying to make her look bad, and maybe she is, but if it was me I would just suck it up. As for Hanna's dad, Tom, he is a complete ass of a father. Taking his soon-to-be-step-daughter's opinion and stories to be true over Hanna's 100% of the time. I would leave. Just a side note, I really wish she didn't break up with Lucas, I thought they were perfect-- even if he was a little dorky.

Aria has the strongest sense of herself out of the four girls. She knows what she wants and doesn't usually let people push her around. I think that the only real influence that A has over her is how horrible she feels about her dad's affair and that she didn't tell her mom. In all honesty she shouldn't have felt that way as it wasn't her fault and once she sees that she will be able to grow that much stronger. I really liked her relationship with Jason, and am a little annoyed that he freaked out too easily. I really wanted to like him.

Emily. She is, in my opinion the main character of this book, based upon her old nickname being the title. Emily strikes me as the girl who need validation for everything she does. Unlike Hanna, who also shows signs of needing validation, Emily can't make up her own mind. 99% of her decisions are base upon what how her friends and family (and Ali) would say about her doing it. Or what A tells her to do. I see her as such a push over and I think that A knows that too. It honestly is so sad to me that she can't do anything by herself.

Generally I just have a few things that are bugging me about the series. The first one is the damn giggling. What the hell! You would think these girls would have said something to each other and figured out that they are not crazy.

Secondly, what the hell is with the lax attitude with age differences in this town. I mean come on. Hanna's mom was dating Darren Wilden. Darren Wilden was in the same graduating class as Jason, Melissa and Ian. They graduated the same year that the girls finished grade six! That is a six year difference. Which is not too bad for Aria/Jason, Spencer/Ian, Ali/Ian. But unless Hanna's mom was younger than sixteen when she had Hanna, the age difference is at least ten years. Going with averages, she was probably 22 when Hanna was born, making her 16 years older than Wilden. The age gap between Byron and Meredith is unknown, but is probably a couple of years less as she was all ready in collage when the girls were in grade six.

I don't know, at this point I may only be reading this to find out what happens. I'm getting quite annoyed with the repetitiveness.