The Lying Game

The Lying Game - Sara Shepard The prologue pulled me in. It's from the point of view of one of the twins, who is dead. I love the way [a:Sara Shepard|93970|Sara Shepard|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1229580414p2/93970.jpg] has Emma almost slipping up at every turn. Very realistic of the situation. The whole book is just and introduction to the main characters from a vague- kinda learning as you go type way. Which keeps the reading only seeing from Emma's perspective. The mystery of who strangled Emma in Charlotte's house is the only one that hasn't been solved (with the exception of who killed Sutton) and will ultimately lead to the killer. I guess my only real problem with the book is that it is number one of seven in the series and is just the beginning. There really isn't that much information being shared with the reader as of yet. I do really like that every once and a while Sutton's 'ghost' speaks up for us to hear.