The Returned

The Returned - Jason Mott I won this book through Goodread's First Reads.

When I read the synopsis of the book I thought I would like it. Never did I imagine that I would love it.

[b:The Returned|17182421|The Returned|Jason Mott||21762912] is about previously dead individuals returning to earth as seemingly living, breathing, feeling human beings. The whole concept of the dead returning to us is quite interesting to me.

The actual phenomenon was not really described in the novel, mainly because the characters are unsure of it themselves.

I guess when it comes to the actual return of the 'Returned' I have a few questions that I wish would have been answered. I would love to know if people who no longer have living relatives returned and why it is that these people are returning on opposite sides of the world from where they lived when they died.

For the first few chapters I wasn't quite sure where the story was going, but in the second half of the book I began to realize that the people were returned not for their benefit, but for the clarity and wake up call of the 'True Living'. In this day and age, where the use of technology has overshadowed personal interactions we need to take time to remember the life that we are taking for granted.

I think that [b:The Returned|17182421|The Returned|Jason Mott||21762912] makes us think about what life is about. To understand that even though we would love to have our family and friends back from the dead, if they were to really come back they wouldn't be the same and our lives wouldn't be the same.

Things happen for a reason. This book gives us a taste of what happens if the natural order of life was disrupted.

I think that [a:Jason Mott|6219675|Jason Mott|] is an amazing writer. The characters were well written and the concept was beautifully explained.