Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers - Jody Zimmerman This book is not for everyone. In order to solve the mystery of his brother Billy's death, Philip has to dig deep in to his very troubled and depressing past. He and his brother were molested by their mothers art mentor, whom they called Uncle Adrian. Uncle Adrian also molested other boys whose mothers he mentored. The book is very descriptive and in some parts too much so. The sex/molestation scenes did help with the understanding of Philip's past, but I felt that there was a little too much description of the acts. The descriptions of the art pieces and rooms was also a little over the top, there were quite a few times I lost interest in reading about the intricate details of the bathroom walls.

I really loved the flow of the book, each chapter (for the most part) kept on track with the solving of Billy's murder. The whole book also showed the evolution of Philip from a broken soul to one of understanding.

My biggest problem (probably because I have OCD about it) is the editing in the book.

The following excerpts were the ones that bugged me the most.

Page 666 of 1000 (iBooks on iPad):
And Ricky really didn't have a second in command here, so your Mother and I assisted Luka...
--Charles (Philip's father) is talking about Brenda (his second wife, not Philip's mother)

Page 800 of 1000 (iBooks on iPad):
"You all come join us over here. We're getting reading to have dessert."
--Obviously it should be ready.

Page 874 of 1000 (iBooks on iPad):
"That is, if you want to insure the safety of your niece and nephews."
--BIG slip up. The kids are Philip's half brothers and sister.

But overall I enjoyed the book.