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I review everything, the good, the bad, the ugly. I'm honest, I give reviews that match how I feel about a book; if I didn't like it, expect something short, if I loved it you may have to read an essay.

Entangled (Spellbound #1)

Entangled (Spellbound #1) - Nikki Jefford The 'two girls in one body' concept is what first attracted me to this book. Once I started reading I got to experience the unique magical setting, one I have never seen anywhere else, the multitude of sensitive topics woven into one heartbreaking and surprisingly realistic (considering the subject matter) supernatural romantic suspense.

I will be reading the rest of the series.

Saving Forever - Part 1

Saving Forever - Part 1 - Lexy Timms Cute idea, not well laid out though, the plot is catchy enough that I will read part two, but I most likely not pay for it.

Only The Dead Live Forever

Only The Dead Live Forever - W.J. Lundy I just want to start of by saying if it wasn't for some choppy writing in parts and grammatical errors, I would be giving this book 5 stars. I love everything about this book. Dystopian dictatorship within a Zombie Apocalypse, mixed with a splash of romance, loss and the natural drive of survival. I am also immensely interested in the idea the the 'primals' could possibly be capable of cognitive thinking. The point of view is also extremely unique, I have read my far share of 'zombie' novels and this is the first one I've read that originates overseas. To top it all off ..........……**(spoiler)**..................................

the book ends from the pov of a Canadian.

Maid for the Billionaire

Maid for the Billionaire - Ruth Cardello A unique spin on the unintentional love/romance novel. A little too unbelievable, but what romance novel isn't? Good pace, detailed characters, could have used a bit more description of some scenarios in China, but good book.

Dead, but Not for Long

Dead, but Not for Long - Matthew Kinney, Lesa Kinney Anders I purchased this book for free on Amazon for my kindle. This is one of the best Zombie books I have ever read. I was impressed with the characters, the plot twists, and the twist on the virus. Snake was by far my favourite character; love how tough he is, yet we are allowed to see his rarely seen soft spots. Great Read.


UnEnchanted - Chanda Hahn I got this as a free ebook on Amazon. The whole idea drew me in right away. Brothers Grimm, modern day and magic, what could go wrong? The general plot was awesome, the execution was really sloppy. The story jumped around really fast, the grammar was horrible and the editing was near non-existent. I honestly would be upset if I had spent money on this. It has such potential, I really hope it eventually gets an overhaul. It could be amazing with the right editor.

The Wedding Trap (Second Service)

The Wedding Trap (Second Service) - Adrienne Bell Romantic Comedy, mixed with a dash of suspense and thrills. Love the detail in the characters lives for such a short book.

With Open Arms: Poetry for Big Love and Real Life

With Open Arms: Poetry for Big Love and Real Life - Joan M. Gregerson I won a free copy of Joan Gregerson's "Tuning In to Inner Peace" through GoodReads First Reads. I also received a free copy of "With Open Arms". It is honestly a lovely collection of poems. One of my favourite poems is 'Confused'.

The World of Ice and Fire: The Official History of Westeros and The World of A Game of Thrones

The World of Ice and Fire: The Official History of Westeros and The World of A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin, Linda Antonsson, Elio M. Garcia jr. Although I have yet to read the book cover-to-cover, I have skimmed the whole book and read some of the more recent history and I find it absolutely thrilling. To top it all off the maps and artwork is stunning. A must read for all Game of Thrones fans.

Patriotic Duty (When Riley Met Cara #1)

Patriotic Duty (When Riley Met Cara #1) - C.J. Pinard This book was free from Amazon, I love the basic plot. The delivery could have been a little better, but despite the too-fast pace and uneven characters I actually enjoyed this book.

Tangled Beauty

Tangled Beauty - K.L. Middleton I found this book on Amazon for free. Cute plot line, detailed characters, nice flow. Nothing absolutely amazing, but a nice fun read.

The Daddy Pact

The Daddy Pact - Kristy K. James I got this as an amazon freebie. The overall premise of the story is extremely unlikely and fictional, however that being the genre of the book is expected. I did not expect the dept of characters and relationships that were present in the novel. Most authors that have their books on Amazon for free, at least from what I've seen/read, need a lot of help with the basics of the novel. Kristy K. James managed to draw me in, execute an almost seamless collaboration of multiple 'mini' plots, have detailed and believable characters, and still manage to use proper grammar. I would recommend her books to anyone who loves a good romance.


Origins - Kristen Middleton Very typical origin story for the virus, I do like the main characters and their background stories. It moved a little fast, but for the genre I guess that's normal.

The Billionaire's Daughter (Part 1): Breaking Free

The Billionaire's Daughter (Part 1): Breaking Free - Mara Stone Every part reminded me of 50 Shades. From the BDSM to the extremely unlikely coincidences, over all it was a good short read.


Soulless - Robert J. Crane I have to admit, this series is getting better. Although, how many time can someone be 'just hanging around' in the exact place you're going to need help, especially when she didn't travel with them (or tell them her travel plans).


Untouched - Robert J. Crane While I was reading this it felt at lot like X-Men. Also, what was her obsession with not seeing the sun! Overall, good fun read, not my favourite and it could use some touching up, but I liked it.

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